Building highly-adaptive education programs through personalised digital teachers that learn from their students as they study



3Bears helps students study with a personalised digital teacher that learns from them.

Modern education systems have fundamental scaling limitations that make the delivery of adaptive programs tailored for individual students very hard. The rise of LLMs is a critical moment of enabling technology. Personalised teachers will soon be available that command the full body of human knowledge. Those teachers will be delivered by infinitely scalable software with stateful instances deployed for every individual student.

Most importantly the digital delivery mode will provide rich two-way feedback with the student. Minute-by-minute insight on how they are progressing and where they are struggling. This understanding of learning patterns has only ever lived in the heads of experienced human teachers in their specialised domains. Connections across teachers, levels, subjects and cultures will compound enormously, radically increasing potential learning rates.

Our entry point for this opportunity is high school student preparation for university entrance exams in mathematics. The domain offers a well-constrained content set and a fast feedback loop for measuring student progress. The customer segment is highly motivated with strong engagement incentives that will accelerate the accumulation of the proprietary data set that will generate value long-term.

The Venture is part of a bigger bet on the transformation of education, work and human purpose in a post-work AGI world.

We believe that the exponential productivity gains driven by AI will reduce the need for human minds to sell their labour full-time. Despite this profound cultural shift we expect the human need for purpose and meaning to persist.

We expect to see an emergent trend of minds seeking purpose in virtual worlds of artificial scarcity. Simulated realities that are enriched with novelty but tethered to the narratives of struggle and growth that have shaped the architecture of our human brains. In those worlds enduring engagement will be built around compelling learning experiences that leverage highly adaptive personalisation to maintain attention and maximise purposeful satisfaction.

Building the infrastructure to deliver adaptive learning and the data aggregation loops that support personalised experiences represents one of the most important concentrations of value in the AI economy.