Building for humanity's
future beyond AGI

Odysseus Ventures is an early-stage venture launching machine. We believe the spark of humanity will burn brighter in a world abundant with the exponential acceleration of intelligence. There will be a generation of companies built for a new world of work, education and purpose. We are building for that future.


We are all Explorers

We believe the human nature of consciousness will persist long beyond the arrival of artificial general intelligence. Our most human quality is the drive to explore. What will our world look like when every mind is free to explore any place and any time? We're setting out to discover that future one venture at a time.



/ 01


Find smart minds and ask them obsessively what the future looks like. Meet founders, read blogs, watch lectures, take notes, make predictions and talk it over with your favourite LLM until it starts to make sense. See the flash of a connection? Start drawing. Boxes and arrows shipping around money, data and attention. If value looks like it compounds, ask “Why Us?” and “Why Now?”. Go to sleep and if we’re still thinking about it tomorrow, repeat.

/ 02


If an idea won’t go away, it’s time to try and kill it. Build the simplest machine we can think of to prove this idea is better than anything else we can put our attention to. We used to say “Bonus points for doing it fast!”. But our world is changing. Validation is being automated (PS - we’re building that). Validation machines need to run silicon timelines, not human ones. Tick tock.

/ 03


Wait? It survived? Ventures don’t normally do that. We know by now this idea WILL be part of the future. We know that customers want it, are willing to pay for it and willing to pay more than what it costs to make. What does the world look like if everyone who could want it is paying for it? Let’s work backwards from there and make it happen. We’re still learning how to do this. Not clear if we’ll be the one teaching the machines or they’ll be the ones teaching us.