Simulating customer personas with LLMs as the entry point into building an infrastructure ecosystem for machine-to-machine commerce



Sunday is an agent platform for businesses to synthetically validate products and offerings at vastly increased speed and parallelisation.

Agent teams create new ideas, simulate customers and test propositions across thousands of idea variants. Instead of one idea, millions of dollars and months of time in a traditional validation program, businesses can validate an opportunity with thousands of variants, a few dollars of compute and minutes of real-time.

The entry point we've chosen in to the opportunity is simulating businesses’ customer personas using RAG-enhanced LLMs. Realistic digital avatars of the personas can be deployed throughout the organisation across meetings and emails to bring the customer into every business decision.

We believe the compelling new experience of high-frequency customer interactions will drive a data fly-wheel that encourages businesses to commit more of their private customer knowledge to the platform as the insight and predictiveness of their customer personas gets better on improved training data.

The Venture is a broader bet on the emergence of machine-to-machine commerce.

We believe AGI will profoundly change the way humans and organisations buy and sell from each other. As artificial intelligence becomes more reliable at executing compound real-world workflows, minds will shift the rapidly increasing load of buying and selling processes to agents.

The infrastructure to support machine-to-machine commerce will offer one of the largest concentrations of value in the AI economy. Ventures that solve a real problem today and offer a credible path to building an ecosystem model in machine-to-machine commerce in the future are tremendously exciting for us.